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Vacation Villa Manual


We would like to thank you for choosing one of our villas for your Florida vacation experience! 

This vacation villa rental manual outlines procedures and guidelines.  Please browse through it as the information should be helpful to ensure that you and your family have a safe and fun holiday.  It will also assist you in understanding the expectations and responsibilities associated with staying in a privately owned vacation villa.  

Regent Property Management Availability

        Monday to Friday – 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

        Saturday – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Outside of Office Hours

For emergencies, dial 911.

For critical issues, out of normal business hours, leave a phone voice message.

We will respond as quickly as possible to the best of our ability.

For non-critical issues, you can email or leave a voice message.

We will respond on the next business day. 

Regent Phone #’s:  

    US: (407) 403-6430

    UK: (01189) 076497


Regent Email:



Arrival & Departure

        Check In Time:      4:00 p.m.

        Check Out Time:  10:00 a.m.

Please adhere to these times.   Cleaners are regularly booked to clean the villa shortly after check out, but if they cannot do their job in a timely manner, a reschedule fee may be charged to your security deposit.

Basic Do’s & Don’ts 

  1. Keeping doors & windows & blinds closed keeps the villa at a comfortable temperature (especially when you have the A/C running).
  2. Help us keep critters out and away from the villa by closing containers of food & bags of snacks and not leaving open beverages in the villa or by the pool or in the bedroom.
  3. Same goes for trash!  BAG it in plastic bags and dispose in appropriate containers outside each villa. 
  4. Pull trash cans and recycle bins to the end of the driveway the night before pick up day in your area (see schedule under Trash Pick-Up).
  5. If need be, troubleshoot wifi/cable (see instructions) before calling to tell us it does not work.  Many of the televisions have multiple remotes to operate.  Just pushing more buttons will typically make things worse.  In some of the villas, you will need to turn the television on with the TV remote and then turn on the cable system with the Brighthouse (or similar) remote to the box.  Most of the time, cable is sourced on HDM1 & DVD is HDMI2.  Use the input button to find source.
  6. If you overload the refrigerator, then the air will not be able to circulate and the fridge will NOT function properly.  When a fridge goes from empty to full, it often takes 3 or more hours to bring contents to a cool temperature. 
  7. If you are going to use the garbage disposal in the sink, it is for things like vegetable and potato peelings.  It is NOT for bones or banana peels or raw meat.  You can put coffee grinds into the disposal and tea bags (but not the tea bags with strings).  Pls. do not put anything metal or plastic into the unit.  You must run the tap water at the same time that you turn on the garbage disposal.  Please do not let children play with this device. 
  8. Do not tamper with pool equipment
  9. This is a sub-tropical climate with sub-tropical vegetation and creatures.  Lizards, garden snakes, ants, spiders, wasps, hornets, palmetto bugs, cockroaches are native to this area. The homes are regularly pest controlled sprayed, however, you can purchase cans of bug spray at all grocery stores if necessary for extra spraying.   

Finally, please remember that this is a private home.   Regent Property Management has worked with Owners of the villas to provide and maintain amenities that make the vacation villa experience an enjoyable one.  It is our responsibility to ensure that any loss/damage to the villa is deducted from the security deposit so that the villa remains in a rentable condition.  

Self Catering

There are lots of reasons why people enjoy vacationing in a private villa rather than a hotel.  It is often much more affordable.  It enables families to come together in your own space to enjoy conversations, meals, movies, swimming, sunbathing and to create happy family moments.  It can certainly be more relaxing. 

Self catering does mean though that you have to bring along or make purchases that make the villa function like a home.  Soaps, detergents, toilet paper, surface cleaning products, paper towels, and of course, food and beverages are not provided so a shopping trip to the local supercenter or grocery store will be necessary.  Many of the shops are now open 24/7 and are often located less than 10 minutes from any villa so regardless of your arrival time, you will have ample opportunity to stock up.

You might also pick up other items at that time such as sun protection lotion, bug spray and various size garbage bags. 

Self catering also means that you might need to take care of or remedy small things so they don’t interfere with the enjoyment of your holiday.   Things for example like a plugged toilet (DRAINO), replacement batteries for a remote, a light bulb, additional beach towels or wash face cloths.   We recommend budgeting a small dollar amount for these kinds of incidentals.    If you don’t need any of these items the monies saved can be the start of next year’s vacation fund!

General Security

The general area is historically safe; however, usual common sense procedures apply.

Lock up the home and close the blinds when you are out and about and do not leave valuables in open view.   Lock your car(s) and keep parcels locked in trunks.

It is recommended that if your villa has a lockbox key system, that you leave the key from the door in the lockbox when you leave the home.  This ensures that the key is never lost and that emergency access can be obtained at all times.

Do not exit a house via the garage door.  If the house has been locked from the inside you will not be able to get back in and neither can we.  You will need to arrange for a local LOCKSMITH to come to the villa and pay for the services rendered to gain access into the house.  It can be a long wait & expensive (&sleeping in a car is not much fun!).


   If you have an emergency, dial 911 on your cell phone or the house phone. 

   This will give you access to law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services.

   The 911 dispatcher will need the location of the emergency (address), a phone  number and the nature of the emergency.  Stay calm, speak  clearly, and stay on the phone with the dispatcher until advised otherwise.

Comfortable Temperatures

Most of the year, we have HIGH humidity conditions which make the inside of a villa feel   much warmer than it really is and it means guests might feel uncomfortable until they settle into the environment. 

All villas have air conditioning but this only works efficiently if the doors and windows (and blinds) are kept closed.  The longer a door is kept open, the more moist air comes into the house and the longer it will take to make the villa feel comfortable again. 

More importantly, if the A/C shuts down (or freezes up) due to an overload of moisture humid air, a service call to fix the system will be required.  This will mean additional discomfort as the system will be turned off to be fixed and you’ll most likely incur a service charge to your security deposit.

Some of the villas have two control units.  Set the one upstairs first.  Then set the one downstairs to the SAME configuration.

The fan needs to be set to AUTO (not ON).

The COOL works efficiently at 75 degrees F.

Overhead fans can assist in circulation of air throughout the room

Most bathrooms are equipped with air vents which should be used when showering as this too helps keep the moisture/humidity levels to a manageable level.

If the weather permits, particularly in the cooler months, you might want to turn the system to OFF and that is okay too.  Remember to turn off both units if there are two in the villa. 

If by chance we get a cold spell and you want to put the HEAT ON, then you can program the system to HEAT and set to 75 degrees F.

Owners Closets

You may see that some of the closet doors are locked and/or locked up closets in the garage.  These are private areas for the owners of the home to store their personal things.  Guests are asked to respect the home owners’ privacy and not attempt to tamper in any way with these locked areas.  Anyone who does will be deemed to have committed a burglary and the necessary steps will be taken to notify the authorities.

Wifi Connections

All of the villas are equipped with wifi.  Some are password protected (closed network).  The password is included on your confirmation document.  If you do not have the information, the password will usually be on the Router or displayed in an obvious place in the villa (eg. desk).

Fire Safety

The villas are equipped with smoke detectors which automatically activate when smoke is detected in the home and fire extinguishers for use in a small fire situation.

It is a good idea to make an exit plan from the villa with your family so that everyone can react quickly in the event of an emergency.

Make special arrangements for children and for elderly folks and for anyone with disabilities.  Having a roll call to ensure everyone is accounted for is a good idea as well.                            

If there is a fire, do not stop to collect personal items.  Simply get out of the house and move to a safe place.  Should a pet or a family be unable to get out, let the firefighters do their job and do what they do best.

It is also a good idea to designate at least two people to be responsible to dial 911.

Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Tornados

In Florida, expect the unexpected.  The weather can be unpredictable with sun and rain and a tropical storm all within hours of each other.

If there is sufficient warning (via radio/television/internet)that a severe storm is approaching, clear the pool area of loose objects, dump the pool furniture into the pool, secure trash cans (in garage if accessible), if there’s time, get water and canned food goods and a flashlight with extra batteries should the power go out.

If you are in the villa, stay away from windows and doors and outside walls.   Gather family members and go to a closet or bathroom with inside walls.  Cover yourselves with pillows and blankets. 

Do not underestimate the power of Mother Nature.


It is not common in-land (central Florida) but on the east and west coasts evacuations can be mandated.  There is usually sufficient notice to make a safe exit from the affected area. 

If you happen to be in such an area (maybe at the beach for a few days) agree on a family meeting place to implement the plan.

Be sure to pack important documents, identification and collect blankets, pillows, water, and food, and fill the tank with gas. 

HOA (Home Owners Associations)

Most of the villas are located in communities that have rules and regulations regarding noise levels and parking.  A general guideline would be to quiet things down around 9:00 p.m.  In many communities there is no parking on the streets.

Also, do not park on the grass/lawn of the property.  There are water sprinklers in the grass and you will then most likely break them.   Most driveways and (if available) garages can accommodate two to three vehicles.  If you have more than this, you will need to locate a visitor’s parking area. 

Appliances in Villas


If the villa has a barbeque, this is complimentary, and use of the equipment is entirley at guests' risk and liability.  For health and safety, please ensure that you clean the grill and utensils prior to cooking and after using as a courtesy to the next guest.  If the barbeque propane tank runs empty, please replace it with a refill.  If the barbeque grill has a cover, please let the grill cool down completely before putting the cover back on the unit. 

Washers & Dryers

To make sure your clothes are cleaned and dried properly, do not overload the washing machines or dryers.  They simply will not work effectively. 

For most washing machines, liquid works better than powder.

Clean out the lint filter after every use.  DO NOT throw the lint behind the dryer!

Most machines have instructions on the inside lid of the machines.


Only use detergent specific to dishwasher use.  Never use a detergent that you would use for doing dishes by hand … you will have suds all over the kitchen.

House Alarms & Security

Some of the homes have alarms which we will give you a code for disarming.

Most of the homes have deadbolts on the doors which we recommend you use at night.

Be sure to lock the sliding doors before departing for the day out at the Parks.

Hair Dryers

There are usually a couple of hair dryers in each villa.  Bathrooms and kitchens have a circuit that “trips” when overloaded.  If you plug too many things into a circuit it may trigger a shut-down in the outlet.  Check for a black and red button in the receptacle.  Push one then the other to see if outlet starts working again.  If not, check the breaker in the breaker box (usually in the garage). 


US toilet systems have smaller waste pipes for flushing than in other countries and they are easily blocked (excessive paper/hygiene products).  You’ll find a plunger in most bathrooms and if this does not work, you can purchase a product like Draino at any grocery or convenience store. 

 Pool Safety

One of the most important things to discuss prior to arrival at the villa with younger family members and guests is pool safety. Please ensure that an adult is always aware of the whereabouts of children paying particular attention to non-swimmers & very young children.

Pools are there for your enjoyment but please follow the rules. The owners of the villa and the property management accept NO responsibility for any injuries and/or claims resulting from the use of the pool or its equipment and controls.  Guests use the pool at their own risk. 

Do not lock the outside screen doors as the pool service company needs access for servicing the pool. Pools are cleaned once per week and the chemical balance is adjusted.

You may find sandy deposits, bugs, leaves, etc in your pool. This is unavoidable and we suggest simply scooping them out. Small worms are very common around the pool deck and in the pool, particularly after rain showers. We will not send out pool maintenance staff to remove bugs or leaves from a pool.

Please refrain from entering the villa in wet bathing suits. Chlorinated water, suntan oil and damp towels will quickly ruin carpets and furniture (especially sofas and chairs and bed covers)! Pool towels need to be washed and dried prior to your departure from the villa. 

Many of the pools have pool lights but they are often left on and then burn out. If you do have a pool light, please remember to TURN IT OFF after using the pool - they are very expensive to run & replace. 

Here are the basic rules for all pool users.

  1. No glassware in pool area.
  2. No diving or horseplay or running.
  3. Do not dispose of gum by sticking it to the underside of chairs or to the pool deck.  No one likes to find something gooey stuck to their hand or foot!
  4. Do not leave hair pins and hair elastics in the pool or on the pool deck.  They leave rust marks. 
  5.  Do not throw or leave small items in the pool (coins, stones, small balls) as they will get suctioned up into the pool equipment and cause damage.
  6. Do not leave food or beverages in the pool area.  Wash down pool deck and tables if necessary to keep the area clean and bug free.
  7. Some of the pools have child safety fences.  Some have door alarms.  Some have both.  Please use the safety devices.  Do not tamper with them as they are there to help you ensure the safety of your children.  Children must be supervised at all times. 

Pool Heat Service

If you purchase pool heat service, we will set it up for you to a temperature of 84 +/- degrees Fahrenheit.  Pool equipment runs on a timer so that the jets and the heaters run during the daytime only for approx. 8 hours per day.  Do not tamper with the equipment.   No exceptions.  You will be charged for any damage to the equipment as well as a service charge to reset the system as well as the pool heat and a processing fee. 

If the air temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the heating unit will not work as effectively.  We accept no responsibility for air temperature changes and no refunds will be given.

If your pool has a blue solar blanket, it is designed to help keep the warmth in the pool water when not using the pool (especially thru the night).  Please use it accordingly.

Trash Pick-Up  

To keep the outside trash cans as sanitary as possible, please put trash in bags.  Green bags, white bags, black bags … all are fine. 

Clean up & removal of excessive garbage left in villa or on the property will result in a charge to the security deposit.

Recycling is encouraged in some areas.   Check the list posted on the recycling bin to see what is allowed into the bin for recycling.   

Guests are required to put bins at the end of the driveway the night before the scheduled pick-ups, as listed at each individual home.

On the day of trash pick-up, once the trash is gone, guests are required to put the bins back in the designated locations. They must not be left out, on sight in front of the house.

Pet Friendly Vacation Villa Rules

We truly appreciate your co-operation in keeping our pet friendly villas in good condition!  Please do not let pets lay on duvet bed covers.  Your own pet blankets will be much appreciated by your pet in this unfamiliar setting.  If you pet has been shedding ... kindly vacuum and sweep up prior to your departure.  The carpets in the villas are regularly cleaned ... if your dog has an accident, pls. use the appropriate carpet stain remover to clean up the accident.  PLEASE DO NOT USE ANYTHING WITH A BLEACH IN IT.  If your dog has been outside, please wipe your dog's PAWS before letting him/her on the carpets!  Dogs are not allowed in pools.  The dog hair blocks the pool filter and as much as we love playing with our pets, their being in the pool throws off the chemical balance of the water.  Please be kind to your pet.  They can be frightened and uncomfortable being left alone in the villa for extended periods.  They may need to get out for a bathroom break sooner than normal so we appreciate your taking this into consideration when going out for the day!  (Your pet will too!!).   If due to your pet, the villa is not left in good order, a charge, as deemed appropriate, may be charged to the security deposit.  

Troubleshooting Internet and/or Cable Connections                    

In a typical home wireless network, there are three main components: the computer(s) and other devices, your wireless router, and your cable or DSL modem. Of course, many more devices are involved in any network connection from your computer to a web site on the internet, but these are the ones you have control over. If you've been surfing away happily on your computer on your home network and then for no apparent reason go down, the first places to check are your modem and router.

In non-programmer style English: If your modem's lights are out, reboot it.

If your router's lights are out, reboot it.

In short, rebooting the modem and the router will solve 90% of your home internet connectivity problems. Generally you should unplug the router first, then unplug the modem. (Neither of them have power buttons, so it's a matter of pulling the power cord out of the box. Don't be fooled by the standby button on the top of your modem, that's not the power button. You have to actually pull the power cord out of the modem.) Count down to 10, then plug the modem back in and then the router. Give them both time to boot up and connect by watching the activity lights. Then try connecting to the internet again on your computer.

At this point, if all the lights are on but you still aren't getting ping responses nor able to load web pages, it's time to continue down the elimination road.  If you have a connector cable with you, grab the cable and connect your computer directly to the modem to eliminate the router. Reboot the modem again. Try pinging or getting online. No dice? It's time to call your ISP.

If you can get online while you're connected directly to your modem, but not when you're connected to your router, the problem is somewhere on your router. Unless they've installed the router for you, most ISP's won't offer tech support for your router.

  • Brighthouse Customer Service 1-888-289-8988
  • Comcast Customer Service (Esprit Community) 1-800-934-6489
  • Summitt Broadband Tech Support (Emerald Island Community) 407-996-8900

Security Deposits

The purpose of a security deposit is to ensure that funds from you are available prior to arrival should the villa NOT be left in the same condition that it was when you arrived.

Examples of things that are typical security deposit charges.

  1. Repairs of ripped pool lanai screens.
  2. Replacements of broken appliances, glasses, lamps, dishes.
  3. Replacement of permanently soiled linens/towels.
  4. Clean up of carpet stains.
  5. Clean up of nail polish spills.
  6. Clean up & removal of excessive garbage left in villa or on the property.
  7. Additional housekeeping required to clean up an excessively dirty villa. 
  8. Repair and/or replacement of damaged furnishings.
  9. Repair and/or replacement of broken or damaged window blinds.
  10. Replacement of games, movies, games or game equipment.

Our advise is always “to leave villa as you found it” so that you can avoid security deposit issues.  We complete our post-guest inspection within 48 hours of your departure.   An email notification is sent to the guest (or agent) detailing security deposit charges. 

Departure Procedure 

It is our responsibility to ensure that any loss/damage to the villa is deducted from the security deposit so that the villa remains in a rentable condition.  You can prevent security deposit issues by following these guideline for your departure.  Remember the villa should be left in the same condition that it was when you arrived.  

  1. Guests are asked to strip linens from the beds as this often locates personal items that would otherwise be left behind. 
  2. Bedcovers should be folded & left on top of the beds.  
  3. Garbage needs to be bagged & put in the large trash bin(s).
  4. Pool towels should be washed & dried prior to departure, but please do not leave loads of wash in either the washer or dryer upon departure. 
  5. Dishes need to be cleaned up and/or put in the dishwasher and the dishwasher needs to be turned on.
  6. Refrigerators need to be cleaned up of open containers and left-over foods.
  7. Counters need to cleaned up and wiped down.
  8. Bath towels need to be left in the laundry room or in the bathtubs.
  9. Close all doors, windows & blinds.
  10. Finally, lock the front door and replace the key in the lockbox.


Any food or unopened canned goods or toiletries left behind that are deemed suitable for reuse are donated to needy members of our community and to church service groups.           

We wish you a happy holiday, a safe journey home, and hope you will find this experience one that is worthy of a return visit!    
Daniel Baker         David Baker       
Owners  -  Regent Vacation Villas





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